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Video: Piecing Together The Broader Perspective.

Perspective And The Weekly Chart Weekly charts are often overlooked, yet they can provide a ton of useful information. This is especially the case when incorporating context when it comes to evaluating smaller time frames. During the evaluation process, there are a series of steps that we follow. Step 1 is called “Perspective” and this is the step where we gather information that will shape...
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Bitcoin – Position vs Swing Trading and 70/30

Overview: We have had several comments concerning why there are no stop losses for our position trades,  and why we wouldn’t wait for further consolidation before adding to position trades.   First let’s clarify I am personally a long term investor.   I believe in the space and that Bitcoin will be higher then it is now in the future.   It is that simple.   I use both...
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Bitcoin – What Makes This Time Different? Market Sentiment!

Sentiment is the fundamental driver of markets.   Many ask what is different about this pullback then the last two.   Surely we can go lower right?   In this article we dig deeper into market sentiment by looking at chart structures gaining insight into the psychology of the market and why “this time may be different”. If sentiment is truly the driving force in markets,  patterns will...
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S&P – Update and a Simple Options Strategy

Overview: I am not a big fan of Marc Cuban by any means,  but he said something on CNBC yesterday that I couldn’t agree more with.   “I would rather have a lot of cash on hand for that time when things go bad”.   This is not a sign to sell everything and get the hell out of the market,  but our strategy moving forward needs...
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WaBi – Trading Around a Core Position

Overview: Wabi is the most recent coin we added to our “Growth Portfolio”.   Our initial entry was 67 cents and during the run we trimmed our position 20% at 1.37, with the intent of buying the pullback, adding to our overall holdings, or reducing our average coin price. Trading around a Core Position combines long term holdings with a broader term trading strategy.    A few...
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