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RandGold – Options Trade

RANDGOLD (GOLD) Sell 21SEPT 85 – Buy 21SEPT 80 –  Credit  $3.40  R:R  2.1:1   (Vertical Spread) Trading and or investing in these markets is highly speculative and you should be prepared,  willing and able to lose 100% of your investment. Please consult a registered broker for advice before placing options trades.  Seeking Cryptos assumes no liability for losses arising from educational trades.   The article explaining...
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Gold – The Dollar – Potential Miner Trade

Overview: Markets are cyclical in nature.  Eventually the bull stock market will end and the bull gold market will resume.  When this will happen is anyone’s guess but it will happen.  With sentiment favoring US stocks the dollar has rallied which often has an inverse reaction with gold.   Longer term we are looking to add more exposure to gold as we enter the final phase...
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Gold – The Final Pullback before the Rally to 1450?

Overview: We mentioned last week that before gold can move higher, the weak hands must be relieved of their money.    Money moves from weak to strong hands in all markets.    Gold is no different.    Once Goldman Sach’s came out with their 1450 gold target it was obvious the powers that be,  intended on weeding out the weak hands.   I remember back in...
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Gold – Shaking Out Weak Hands Before the Rally?

With all the geo-political challenges going on including the US walking away from the Iran deal,  one would think gold would rally but instead it continues to slide.   Part of this is due to the strength of the dollar,  and the other is simply lack of physical demand. The first quarter saw the lowest demand for physical gold since 2008.   We have been mentioning for...
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Randgold vs GDX – Comparing Apples with Rotten Eggs

“Diversification is protection from ignorance.”  Warren Buffet   There is a misconception in the market that gold does not provide a return and is simply a hedge for a portfolio.  Ask most brokers,  and they will tell you that an investor should have 5-10% of their portfolio in gold,  and the bulk of your money in the stock market.   However,  brokers make money selling “investment...
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