Forex Signals

EURUSD: Rough Price Action Inside Range. Watch For Extremes.

EURUSD update: With no new drama coming from the German or Italian political situations, this market sits in the middle of a newly established technical range. Even though indecisive markets are characterized by their randomness, they still offer opportunity, if you know what it looks like. In this article I will explain what needs to...
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AUDUSD – A position trade plan

Intraday trade I trade the AUDUSD as the margin is low and this pair works well for intraday trading as it can yield 50-95 pips. It trends well so if you are a beginner or intermediate trader it’s a good pair to start with. I have shared with you my trade plan based on my...
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British Pound: Price Jump And Off To The Races.

GBPUSD update: Price jumps off of reversal zone boundary and is now testing the bearish trend line. Thanks to a vote to raise interest rates in August by the Bank Of England’s chief economist. Interestingly enough price was sitting at a level where probability of a bullish retrace was high. Being aware of these types...
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AUDUSD: Watching The Bounce Region.

AUDUSD update: As the dollar continues its rise, the majors continue to get hammered further. Even though fundamentals are bearish for this pair, it does not mean a short term bounce does not offer opportunity. It’s just that extra precautions have to be taken in order to compensate for the additional risk. In this article...
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EUR/USD Why Long In The Face Of Bears.

EURUSD update: The swing trade long from 1.1745 is now in play. In this report I am going to explain the reasoning behind this long, and what adjustments to consider in the face of conflicting price action if it nears the bearish trend line. Long From The Big Picture Technical Perspective The price action over...
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EUR/USD: Swing Trade Long.

EURUSD update: Buy Trigger 1.1745 Stop 1.1683 Target 1.1823 R:R 1.2 The dollar crosses have been significantly bearish in recent weeks and have now reached major support levels. I recently wrote about the 1.3350 level on the GBP and the corresponding level for this pair is the 1.1708 support (.382 of entire bullish structure relative...
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GBP/USD – Countertrend or Continuation a Trade set-up

  The Trend is your friend The GBP is renown for being difficult to trade. When I first started to trade we were warned against trading this pair until we were competent at trading the EURUSD. When the GBP trends it’s a great way to bank the pips if you are on the right side...
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EUR/USD Swing Trade Long Trigger

EUR/USD Trade: Long 1.2133 Stop 1.2085 Target 1.2190 Reward/Risk: 1:1 This trade signal is based on the break of the pin bar high off of high probability reversal zone. The 1.2190 level is a conservative target. More aggressive traders can consider the 1.2300 or 1.2400 areas (back to middle of range) as targets as well.
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BTC/USDT – Yuan-Ruble Relationship To Bitcoin.

Fundamentals: What’s happening today in the world. China launches its new currency “Yuan-Ruble” payment system to compete with SWIFT (allowing for simultaneous settlements using blockchain technology). Russia the world’s largest oil producer is the biggest source of oil for China. The US dollar has long been the global reserve currency or petro-dollar and now China will compel Saudi...
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