S&P500: Wild Ride To 2703 Major Support Is A Retrace To Buy.

S&P500 update: Another wild ride back to the 2703 major support level while price produces a spinning top. As dramatic or bearish as this market may appear on a day to day basis, it is hesitating at a level where a higher low is likely to form. Broader structure is still bullish and if anything,...
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Bitcoin: Don’t Ignore The Patterns On The Floor.

BTCUSD update: Negative talk about this market runs rampant while price has paused. Price is sitting on the 6K psychological support, and 5956 reversal zone boundary after establishing a large bullish pin bar. This combination of factors are what oscillators, moving averages and most talking heads do not see. The fact that this market is...
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EURUSD: Rough Price Action Inside Range. Watch For Extremes.

EURUSD update: With no new drama coming from the German or Italian political situations, this market sits in the middle of a newly established technical range. Even though indecisive markets are characterized by their randomness, they still offer opportunity, if you know what it looks like. In this article I will explain what needs to...
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Bitcoin Swing Trade: The Leap Back To Mid 6600s?

Long Trigger 6285 Stop 5980 Target 6640 R:R 1.25 BTCUSD update: Pin bar appears right off the 6K psychological support. Now that this reversal candle is closed, swing trade criteria can be watched for. Even though this market is still facing bearish structure, the bullish potential at this location is greater than the associated risk...
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Litecoin: Prices Cascade To Extreme Bargain?

LTCUSD update: Price is cascading to bargain basement levels as these markets follow the extreme sentiment driving BTC. This is not surprising, since the short term bearish structures have been maintained. Instead of reacting though, this is a time to pay close attention since extreme prices offer rare and unusual opportunities for long term investors...
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Ethereum: Exploring Opportunities At The Bottom?

ETHUSD update: Following BTC, this market is now testing the lower part of its major support range. 458 and 423 are reversal zone boundaries to watch for bullish price action but short term structure still points to further weakness. The best thing to do in a situation like this is accumulate small portions or stay...
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British Pound: Price Jump And Off To The Races.

GBPUSD update: Price jumps off of reversal zone boundary and is now testing the bearish trend line. Thanks to a vote to raise interest rates in August by the Bank Of England’s chief economist. Interestingly enough price was sitting at a level where probability of a bullish retrace was high. Being aware of these types...
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S&P 500: In The Face Of Selling, This Truck Is Still Going North.

S&P 500 update: Do not be mislead by any bearish opinions, because from a technical standpoint, this market is clearly poised to push higher. With the recent sell off resulting in a bullish pin bar, inside bar and higher low formation, it is just a matter of catalyst to motivate the next leg into the...
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Bitcoin: Conflicting Signal? No Action Is An Action.

BTCUSD update: There is minor double top in place at 6849 followed by an inside bar low break. In other words a short signal is in effect, but in a very conflicting bullish area. We do not short these markets so the only choices we have are to lighten up or take no action. And...
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AUDUSD: Watching The Bounce Region.

AUDUSD update: As the dollar continues its rise, the majors continue to get hammered further. Even though fundamentals are bearish for this pair, it does not mean a short term bounce does not offer opportunity. It’s just that extra precautions have to be taken in order to compensate for the additional risk. In this article...
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