Bitcoin Swing Trade: The Leap Back To Mid 6600s?

Long Trigger 6285 Stop 5980 Target 6640 R:R 1.25 BTCUSD update: Pin bar appears right off the 6K psychological support. Now that this reversal candle is closed, swing trade criteria can be watched for. Even though this market is still facing bearish structure, the bullish potential at this location is greater than the associated risk...
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AUDUSD – A position trade plan

Intraday trade I trade the AUDUSD as the margin is low and this pair works well for intraday trading as it can yield 50-95 pips. It trends well so if you are a beginner or intermediate trader it’s a good pair to start with. I have shared with you my trade plan based on my...
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Bitcoin & Litecoin – Disparity Provides Opportunity – Position Trade

Position Trade:  LTCBTC: Buy LTC at 0.01368 –  Stop NA  – Target 0.01800 (see below for explanation) Overview: In the previous article we mentioned it there was a good possibility we test the February low at 6000.  This was not a given by any means, but with market sentiment at extreme lows, it only needed...
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ETHUSD Swing Trade Long Closed At 553.50 For +10 Profit.

Closed Swing Trade Long For +10 Profit ETHUSD Swing Trade update: Closed position at 553.50 for +10 profit. Although I am still generally bullish, I do not like this price action, especially with the bearish trend line still in play. Sell Signal And Bearish Trend Line Keep in mind, there is a bearish trend line...
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ETHUSD Swing Trade Long Trigger.

ETHUSD Long 543.5 Stop 493 Target 603 R:R= 1.2 ETHUSD update: Failed low structure within support zone points to retrace attempt in progress. The break of the inside bar on the 12 hour chart will serve as a long trigger. This is 1:1.2 reward/risk because a more conservative target has been chosen in light of...
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OmiseGo – Position Trade

Position Trade:  Buy: 10.84  Stop: NA  Target: (See below) Similar to the Wabi trade, the initial target range is 16.23 to 18.15 where we will trim off 25% of the trade.  There is an intermediate target level at 20.83 which is an area we may look to reduce some risk and will assess when the...
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Wabi – Position Trade Setup

Position Trade:  Buy 0.735  Stop NA  Target  (see notes below) We have an initial position in Wabi @ 0.66.  The intent with this position is to sell 25% in the initial target zone and 25% in the upper target zone.  As this is a position trade it is flexible but initially we have a plan...
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EUR/USD Why Long In The Face Of Bears.

EURUSD update: The swing trade long from 1.1745 is now in play. In this report I am going to explain the reasoning behind this long, and what adjustments to consider in the face of conflicting price action if it nears the bearish trend line. Long From The Big Picture Technical Perspective The price action over...
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EUR/USD: Swing Trade Long.

EURUSD update: Buy Trigger 1.1745 Stop 1.1683 Target 1.1823 R:R 1.2 The dollar crosses have been significantly bearish in recent weeks and have now reached major support levels. I recently wrote about the 1.3350 level on the GBP and the corresponding level for this pair is the 1.1708 support (.382 of entire bullish structure relative...
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GBPUSD- Are the Bears done?

Technicals I am watching for price to offer up a position trade either today or tomorrow during the London open. GBP has been on a downward trend since it formed a double top Jan then April then unwound in a steep decline. The daily trend is short. Price has reached 161.8% of the last fib...
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