Day Trading Geekified.

Receive buy / sell ideas for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash by email from Quant Geek’s automated strategy that aims to benefit from day to day price momentum. This is a special offer brought to you exclusively by Seeking Cryptos.

Can You Beat The Bots?

Modern financial markets are dominated by algorithmic strategies or professional trading “bots”, especially the cryptocurrencies. New traders are at a large disadvantage not only by lack of experience, but lack of automation. Our partnership with Quant Geeks bridges the technology gap and makes it possible to compete with the professional algos. Perfect tools to compliment your own trade ideas or to enhance performance.

Quant Geek's Automated Indicator Package


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  • Your writing and interpretation of the market has a way of doubling a ‘self-help’ and has translated to me making more informed, rational decisions outside of the crypto space.

    Kara H.
  • Thnx for all the valuable info; Appreciate very much.

    Ersoz S.
  • @MarcPMarkets well done 100% agree I really like your trading style.

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